Patch Notes 8.2

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Patch Notes 8.2

Post by Gaseline » Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:50 pm

Here we go, racing towards our next big update! We feel like we are making good progress with the time we have at our hands. Check out this week's happenings below:

Patch 8.2:

Website and Patcher updates:
  • Revamped and improved the website! Now there are pretty pictures, spoilers and more colorful text! It is looking a lot better now, don't you think?
  • Revamped the Patcher News feed style to match the website changes
Bug and crash fixes:
  • Fixed a complex crash when you hit Hero. Clients nearby that are in the same party would crash
  • Fixed more Pet Filter issues where the following items would not be picked up if you did not have level 1 selected in the Pet Filter: Sunstone, Moonstone, B cards, A Cards, 4% Cards, 7% Cards, Rings, Eearrings and Necklace. All these items in addition to Chips will now be picked up as long as they are checked, regardless of what level range you set Pet Filter to.
  • Fixed other minor bugs
Shop updates:
  • Added more Fashion sets to the Mush Shop. We have added more than 30 new sets for this update, you now have a lot to choose from, and more are coming!
  • Added permanent Fashion sets to the Farm Chip Seller! The price is set fairly high, you need to strive to achieve your goals!
  • Added permanent Fashion sets to the Dungeon Chip Seller! Will you be able to work hard enough to make your dreams come true?
  • Adjusted and corrected prices for some items in the shops of Flaris
  • Removed a few unintentional items from some of the shops
Balance changes:
  • Balanced instance dungeons further. It will be adjusted even more in patch 8.2 based on feedback. We plan on doing PvM tweaks in every patch.
  • Balanced some consumables
  • Changed the timer on some consumables
Performance improvement and other:
  • Fixed performance issue caused by quick job change window
  • Fixed client freeze caused by quick job change window
  • Changed the dark blue color font of Skill and Consumable bonuses so they are much more visible and easier to read!
  • The entire file with item names and descriptions have been reworked. Thanks to Razed for helping Thor out with this!
    • Changed the description of a lot of items!
    • Consumables now have correct and matching descriptions
    • A lot of Fashion sets have improved descriptions and corrected spelling mistakes
    • Cloaks previously without descriptions now have new and humorous descriptions!
    • Masks previously without descriptions now explain their given stats
    • Some Glasses have changed descriptions
    • Corrected a ton of spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, non-logical choice of text etc.
  • Added more teleport commands for Gamemasters. This will help them move around more easily!
Other updates and fixes:
  • Removed the Premium Shop window in game. Instead of a web shop, we have every item sold by NPC's for different currencies!
  • Changed the version text of the patcher to "Mushmoot Patcher v0.0" to match the cosmetic updates we made to it!
  • Fixed the local saving of Pet Filter and MSAA settings. This was fixed both for the client and the patcher
  • Changed the name of Black Chips to Dungeon Chips to better explain where you can obtain this currency
  • Changed the name of Black Chip Seller to Dungeon Chip Seller
Planned updates for Patch 8.3:
  • Rework of the entire Vote shop
  • Research and fix a list of crash issues
  • Fix and improve chats and scrolling to be more user friendly
  • Balance instance dungeons to better suit the stages where the players currently are. Tweaks are done every patch!
  • Raise the rate of experience of raised pets
  • Increase couple experience rate
  • Rework of the couple level-up rewards
  • Dark Illusion rework. More info will come!
  • Add more Pets to shops, and add permanent pets as an option in more than one shop
  • Adjust prices where needed

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