Patch Notes 8.3

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Patch Notes 8.3

Post by Gaseline » Fri Jun 30, 2017 2:11 pm

After some time of inactivity we are back with another patch, while still working on next big patch! Here are the details:

Patch 8.3:

Bug and crash fixes:
  • Fixed a rare server crash that randomly happened once
  • Fixed a bug that caused disconnecting for certain players
  • Fixed a database issue that caused random behaviour in backpacks
  • Fixed a random client crash caused by certain pop-ups in the UI
  • Other minor bug fixes
Gameplay changes:
  • Increased EXP rate for couples
  • Couple bonusses have been reworked
  • There are now more skill levels for couple skills
  • Increased EXP rate for raised pets
  • Pet penalty has been modified to fit the new EXP gain
  • Pet HP has been doubled at each level
  • Upgrading speed of manual upgrades has been increased
  • Upgrading speed of safe upgrading has been increased
Balance changes:
  • Dragon pets now give attack percentages instead of attack
  • Griffin pets now give reflect damage instead of defence
  • Attack has been changed to attack percentage for jewel settings
  • Defence has been change to reflect damage for jewel settings
Other updates and fixes:
  • Added Geta Shoes to Mizu Yukata sets

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