Patch Notes 8.4

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Patch Notes 8.4

Post by Gaseline » Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:26 pm

We are very happy to announce that the Colosseum system is back! The entire system has been revised and it can now be accessed at the NPC in Flaris! This patch also focuses on improving the overall stability of the game. We tried to find as many bugs, crashes, instabilities and technical improvements as possible. If you find any more issues please report it to us so we can improve the client even further! Check out the full patch notes below:

Patch 8.4:

Gameplay changes:
  • The Colosseum system has been revised! It can be accessed at the Colosseum Manager in Flaris
  • Added more windows and messages for Colosseum states
  • Cooldowns and level limits have been added to the Colosseum system
  • Rebalanced Colosseum bosses
  • Cleaned up and modified drops from Colosseum bosses
  • Changed the items that you can get from the Token of Valor exchangers
Other updates and fixes:
  • Removed buff button from raised pets, it is still available on buff pets
  • Disabled Cash Shop button in death revival window since this shop is currently not in use
  • Removed intentional client freezes on certain client window actions
Bug and crash fixes:
  • Reduced the delay in common network actions by 50%. This will make the overall gameplay a bit smoother, including player/monster movement and attacking. If you think the client networking has improved or not, we would love to hear your feedback!
  • Fixed multiple network synchronization issues between clients (appearing to run infinitely for example)
  • Fixed text on certain raised pet stats
  • Fixed client crash caused by certain low level monster drops
  • Fixed all occasional client freezes and issues (player follow canceled, etc) caused by client minimizing
  • Fixed incorrect duel state after spawn
  • Fixed multiple client crashes in teleporting
  • Fixed multiple client crashes in UI windows
  • Fixed multiple client freezes in UI windows
  • Fixed multiple client crashes related to items and model rendering
  • Fixed multiple stability issues related to the Windows API
  • Fixed multiple rare crashes during loading of the client
  • Fixed memory issue in the Colosseum system
  • Fixed multiple memory leaks in UI windows
  • Fixed memory leak related to the sound engine
  • Fixed memory leak related to text input

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