Patch Notes 8.5

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Patch Notes 8.5

Post by Gaseline » Mon Aug 14, 2023 1:06 pm

Hello Mushmooters! It's been a while since our last post, but we've been busy! Here's a summary of the progress and updates that we quietly released over the past few months.

Game Systems and Gameplay Changes
  • Added daily login gift system
  • Added new teleport system
  • Added tabs to inventory
  • Improved readability of damage numbers
  • Added configurable taskbar icon flash when client is in the background and you receive in-game notifications such as chats or invites
  • Rebalanced party dungeons and drops
  • Rebalanced some equipment and weapons
  • Rebalanced some skills and couple buffs
  • Revamped shop prices
Improvements and Fixes
  • Lots of improvements and fixes in the world map
  • Fixed party skill SFX (e.g. Geburah Tiphreth)
  • Improved sound system
  • Reduced NPC sounds in Flaris
  • Fixed some minor bugs in mount system
  • Tons of improvements to text field inputs
  • Several improvements to chat window
Client Stability
  • Fixed a bunch of minor client issues and bugs
  • Improved overall client stability
  • Installed a new forum and connected it to the main website. This makes it easier for us to write things like patch notes and event details
  • Fixed and improved the voting system on our website
We have more exciting updates coming up soon, so stay tuned!

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